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The Interaction of Cumulene Systems with Organometallic π-Complexes. III. Iron Carbonyl Complexes of Hexapentaene and of Tetra- and Dimethylbutatriene
Akira Nakamura
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1965 Volume 38 Issue 11 Pages 1868-1873


The reaction of 1,6-dihalohexadiyne-2,4 with tri-iron dodecacarbonyl in the presence of an excess of zinc powder have given a hexapentaene iron carbonyl complex, C6H4Fe3(CO)7−8, as deep purple-red, air-stable crystals in a 1.2% yield. Essentially the same reaction using methyl-substituted 1,4-dichlorobutyne-2 have given substituted butatriene iron carbonyl complexes,(R1R2C=C=C=CR1R2)Fe2(CO)5, where R1 = R2 = CH3 (V), R1 = H, and R2 = CH3(IV), in low yields. The vibrational, electronic and NMR spectra of these new complexes have been discussed in connection with their structures.

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