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Chemical Effects Associated with the β-Decay Process. II. A Kinetic Study of the Chemical Behavior of 144Pr in the EDTA Complex System
Takanobu ShiokawaTakashi Omori
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1965 Volume 38 Issue 11 Pages 1892-1897


The substitution reaction of 144Ce(III) ions with the 144Pr(III)-EDTA complex in an aqueous solution at 25°C has been investigated; the rate-determining step has been found to be the acid-catalyzed dissociation of the Pr(III)-EDTA complex.
On the basis of the above substitution mechanism, the chemical behavior of the 144Pr atoms produced by the β-decay of 144Ce has been satisfactorily explained in terms of a model which involves the formation of an intermediate complex. The kinetic treatment leads to the conclusion that the intermediate, produced as a results of an increase in the nuclear charge by the β-decay of the complexed 144Ce, is available for attack by hydroxide ions and protonated EDTA anions and, consequently, produces free 144Pr(III) ions.

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