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The Preparation and Polymerization of Divinyl Carbonate
Shunsuke MurahashiShun’ichi NozakuraSaburo FujiKiyoshi Kikukawa
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1965 Volume 38 Issue 11 Pages 1905-1910


The preparation of divinyl carbonate has been described. The cyclopolymerization of the monomer has been studied under various reaction conditions, and it has been found that cyclopolymerization is not a predominant mode of propagation, for it leaves not less than half a mole of unsafuration per unit structure. The polymer structure has been analyzed by the infrared method and found to contain the 5-membered cyclic carbonate unit, the 6-membered cyclic carbonate unit and the pendant unsaturated carbonate unit.
The polymerization temperature has been shown to have a significant effect on the 5-membered cyclic unit content, increasing the temperature resulting in an increase in the 5-membered unit. The activation energy difference between the intramolecular 5-membered cyclization and the intermolecular propagation has been estimated to be 6.21±0.29 kcal./mol. in the polymerization in a 50% benzene solution and 8.44±0.48 kcal./mol. in bulk polymerization.

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