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The Infrared and Raman Spectra of the Trimethylaluminum -Dimethyl Sulfide Complex
Ryokichi Tarao
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1966 Volume 39 Issue 10 Pages 2132-2134


The infrared and Raman spectra of a mixture of trimethylaluminum and dimethyl sulfide (molar ratio, 1 : 1) have been measured (IR: 3100–300 cm−1, Raman: 3100–130 cm−1). The spectra obtained are entirely different from the superposition of the spectra of the two components. Tentative assignments for most of the infrared bands and Raman lines have been suggested. The CS stretching vibration lines of dimethyl sulfide shift to frequencies lower by about 5 cm−1 when it is mixed with trimethylaluminum. These findings, together with the measurement of the Raman spectrum of the mixture in a 10-volume-percent benzene solution, indicate that the 1 : 1 mixture of trimethylaluminum and dimethyl sulfide forms a pure coordination complex, Al(CH3)3·(CH3)2S, which does not dissociate into its components appreciably in either the liquid state or the benzene solution.

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