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The Exchange Reaction of Oxygen Atoms between Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide on Metal Oxides of the Fourth Period of the Periodic System
Tadamitsu Kiyoura
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1966 Volume 39 Issue 10 Pages 2135-2140


The exchange reactions of oxygen atoms between oxygen and carbon dioxide on metal oxides were studied by the static batch method in the temperature range from 150 to 600°C. The order of the catalytic activity of the oxides in the reaction was found to be; (higher activity) Co3O4>MnO2>NiO>Fe2O3>Cr2O3>V2O5>TiO2. A very close similarity of the change in the reactivity of these oxides was found in the exchange between oxygen and oxides. There is an approximately linear relationship between the catalyst activity of the metal oxides and the heat of the formation of these oxides. At any temperature examined, carbon dioxide exchanged their oxygen atoms with those of oxide rapidly. The rate of isotopic exchange decreased in the following order on any oxide examined: CO2-Oxide>O2-Oxide>O2-CO2 on oxide. The exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide was observed only when the exchange between oxygen and oxide took place. According to these results, it was concluded that the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place through the exchange between these gases and oxygen atoms of oxide, and that the rate-determining step is the exchange with oxygen.

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