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Dielectric Relaxation and Molecular Structure. II. Notes on Analysing Dielectric Data of Dilute Solutions
Keniti Higasi
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1966 Volume 39 Issue 10 Pages 2157-2160


Dielectric data from dilute solution studies consist of two slopes, a′ and a″, as defined by ε′=ε1′+ac2 and ε″=ac2. In this article it is shown that the Debye equations for dilute solutions can be described by the use of a′ and a″. These equations are obtained by replacing dielectric constant and loss, ε′ and ε″ in Debye’s equations for polar liquids by a′ and a″. As applications of these new equations based on a′ and a″ following topics are discussed: Symth’s a′, a″ plot in the complex plane; Scaife’s method of polarizability plot; the familiar loss tangent method originated by Debye for obtaining the relaxation time in solution; and Gopola Krishna’s new method for the same purpose.

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