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Metal-Containing Initiator Systems. III. Polymerization of Styrene by Some Activated Metals in the Presence of Organic Halides
Takayuki OtsuMasami Yamaguchi
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1968 Volume 41 Issue 12 Pages 2931-2935


The polymerization of styrene with systems of various metals and organic halides was investigated at 60°C. It was found that the metals which could be used as hydrogenation catalysts were effective as initiators and that the organic halides with a weak carbon-halogen bond showed a high initiating activity for styrene polymerization. From the kinetic studies of the polymerization of styrene by reduced nickel and chloroform, the rate of polymerization was shown to be proportional to the monomer concentration and to the square-root concentration of both nickel and chloroform in the lower concentration range of chloroform. Some radical inhibitors were also found to inhibit this polymerization. These results indicated that this initiator system could induce the radical polymerization. The apparent overall activation energy for the polymerization by this system was estimated as 11 kcal/mol. The resulting polystyrene was found to be a relatively-low-molecular-weight atactic polymer.

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