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Electric Conductance and Density of Molten Salt Systems: I2+SbI3, SbBI3+SbI3, and SbCl3
Kenji SaitoKazuhiko IchikawaMitsuo Shimoji
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1968 Volume 41 Issue 5 Pages 1104-1109


Measurements of electric conductance as a function of temperature have been made for the pure liquids; I2, SbCl3, SbBr3 and SbI3, and the mixtures ; I2+SbI3 and SbBr3+SbI3, from 100 to 250°C. Furthermore, measurements of density by a pycnometric method as a function of temperature have also been made for these mixtures, from 100 to 300°C. The conductivities of these liquids lie in the range from 5×10−4 to 1×10−5 ohm−1 cm−1, and are about 10−4 times lower than those of alkali halide melts. In these poorly-conducting pure liquids, the molecules may be considered as constituting a solvent in which slightly dissociated ions are contained. The negative temperature coefficient of conductivity for iodine is in marked contrast to the antimony halide melts, and may be interpreted in terms of the ionic conduction and electron hopping mechanism rather than the metallic one.

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