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Kinetics of Isotopic Exchange between 8-Quinolinol-14C and Tris-8-quinolinolato Complexes of Tervalent Typical Elements
Kazuo SaitoMichihiko TakahashiYukio MiyakawaKazuyo Masuda
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1968 Volume 41 Issue 5 Pages 1139-1142


Rate of isotopic exchange between 8-quinolinol-14C and the 8-quinolinolato (oxinato) complexes of aluminum, gallium and indium has been studied in chloroform. Pure yellow complexes are precipitated by adding petroleum ether to the reaction mixture. The exchange rate decreased in the sequence In>Al>Ga, and a detailed kinetic study can be substantiated only with the gallium complex below 0°C. The rate is proportional to the concentration of the complex, but is independent of that of free 8-quinolinol (quinolH) and the Arrhenius activation energy is 18 kcal per mole. The reaction is accelerated by acid and presumably by water. It appears as if one of the ligands is present as unidentate under the given condition and the break of the remaining bond would be the rate determining step. Any reagent that can retard the recombination of the free end of unidentate ligand would catalyse the exchange reaction.

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