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Infrared Spectra of the Addition Compounds of Trimethylamine Oxide with Zinc, Cadmium and Mercuric Halides in the Range 1500–250 cm−1
Masao KimuraYoko KurodaIkutoshi Shibuya
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1968 Volume 41 Issue 9 Pages 2026-2029


Infrared spectra were taken in the region 4000–250 cm−1 for trimethylamine oxide complexes of the type ZnX2L2 and Cd(or Hg)X2L(L=(CH3)3NO and X=Cl, Br or I). Two new bands at about 550 and 400 cm−1 were observed for all complexes. The zinc complexes gave rise to more bands at about 955 and 270 cm−1. Except for these bands, no appreciable change was observed in the vibrational frequencies of trimethylamine oxide upon coordination. These results suggest that the complexes form a tetrahedral arrangement about a metal atom with weak coordinate bonds, and that the crystals of the zinc complexes consist of monomers and those of the cadmium and the mercury complexes of halogen bridged dimeric molecules [MX2L]2.

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