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The Molecular and Crystal Structure of trans-Dinitrotetramminecobalt(III) Nitrate Monohydrate
Isao OonishiFumio MutoYoshimichi Komiyama
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1969 Volume 42 Issue 10 Pages 2791-2796


The crystal structure of trans-dinitrotetramminecobalt(III) nitrate monohydrate [Co(NO2)2-(NH3)4]NO3·H2O has been determined from three dimensional X-ray diffraction data. The dimensions of orthorhombic unit cell are: a=10.02 Å, b=6.02 Å, c=16.84 Å, and Z=4. The space group is P212121. The structure has been refined by the three dimensional Fourier and least-squares method to R=0.103. The complex ion has a slightly distorted octahedral coordination with six N atoms at about 1.98 Å (two are N atoms of nitro groups and the others ammonium groups). The complexes are tightly bound together by N–H···O and O–H···O interactions, constructing a three dimensional network.

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