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Spectroscopic Studies of the Mixture of Dialkylaluminum 2-Aminoethoxide (AlR2OCH2CH2NR′2)2 and Trialkylaluminum (AlR″3)2
Hideo SatoRyokichi TaraoHiromi Higashi
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1969 Volume 42 Issue 10 Pages 2849-2853


The proton magnetic resonance and infrared spectra of the mixtures of dialkylaluminum 2-aminoethoxide (AlR2OCH2CH2NR′2)2 and trialkylaluminum (AlR″3)2 were measured. Special attention was paid to the infrared frequencies of the NH2 stretching and scissors bands and to the chemical shifts of the methyl groups attached to the aluminum and nitrogen atoms. From the results it was concluded that (AlR″3)2 reacts with (AlR2OCH2CH2NR′2)2 to form a 1:1 coordination compound AlR2OCH2CH2NR′2→AlR″3 quantitatively. At the same time, the redistribution and exchange reactions of the alkyl groups were observed.

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