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The Chromium(III) Complexes with Anthranilicdiacetic Acid
Takeshi TomitaEishin KyunoRyokichi Tsuchiya
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1969 Volume 42 Issue 4 Pages 947-951


The following chromium(III) complexes containing the anthranilicdiacetic acid (ATDA) were prepared: [Cr(atda)*(H2O)2]·3H2O (reddish-violet) (I), K[Cr(OH)(atda)(H2O)] (bluish-violet) (II), [Cr(atda)(phen)*]·3H2O (red) (III), [Cr(atda)(dipy)*·2H2O (red) (IV), [Cr(atda)(en)*]·2H2O (red) (V) and K[Cr(atda)(acac)*] (violet) (VI). From the results of electronic spectra, molar conductivities, chemical and thermal analyses and IR spectra, it was concluded that the Complexes I, II and VI belong to the [CrO5N], and III, IV and V belong to the [CrO3N3] type. ATDA in all these complexes obtained was found to behave only as a quadridentate ligand. The values of the effective magnetic moments were found to be 3.7–3.9 B. M., nearly equal to the spin-only values of the tervalent chromium. \ oindent(* atda, phen, dipy, en and, acac are the basic forms of anthranilic acid, o-phenanthroline, 2,2′-dipyridyl, ethylenediamine and acetylacetone respectively.

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