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Cobalt(IV) Ammine Complexes with 5-Nitrosalicylato or Similar Ligands. III. Electric Resistivity, Magnetic Susceptibility, and ESR
Yoshihisa Yamamoto
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1969 Volume 42 Issue 4 Pages 999-1006


The electric and magnetic properties of a series of 5-nitrosalicyclato ammine cobalt (IV) complexes (paramagnetic), the salicylato ammine cobalt (III) complex (diamagnetic), μ-superoxodicobalt ammine complexes (paramagnetic), and the μ-peroxodicobalt ammine complex were studied. The resistivity(ρ) at room temperature and the energy gap(ε) for paramagnetic complexes were in the range of, ρ=7.6×1011−1.5×1010Ω cm and ε=0.75−1.1 eV, whereas those for diamagnetic complexes were in the range of ρ=1012−1014Ω cm and ε=0.75−1.2 eV. The magnetic susceptibilities of the paramagnetic complexes obeyed the Curie-Weiss law, with comparatively large Curie-Weiss constants (−18−26°). The g-values and line widths (ΔHmsl) in the ESR signals at room temperature were determined for powdered samples of 5-nitrosalicylatotetraamminecobalt(IV) complexes and their derivatives. The ESR parameters obtained were in the range of g=2.0030−2.0070 and ΔHmsl=22.0−30.6 Oe for powders.

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