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Photoconduction of Polystyrylpyrimidines
Ryo HirohashiYasushi HishikiMasahiro Haruta
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1971 Volume 44 Issue 10 Pages 2573-2577


Eight polystyrylpyrimidines were synthesized from p-xylylpyrimidine with p-phenylene diisothiocyanate (DIT), terephthaloylchloride (TPC), p-xylylenedibromide (XDB), p-phenylenediamine (PDA), 4,4′-diaminodiphenyl (BD), 4,4’-diamino diphenylsulfone (DPS), hexamethylene diamine (HMD), and 4,4′-diaminodiphenylmethane (DPM). These polymer films have a fairly large photoconductive character; using a surface-type photoconductive cell, the logarithmic relation of the photo-current (Ip) to the applied potential was found to be linear. Further, it was found that the slopes (n) obtained from the logarithmic relation (Ip=kLn) of the photo-current to the light intensity (L) have values from 1.0 to 2.4. The peaks of the spectral response of the photo-current of the eight samples exit around 500–600 mμ and/or near the ultraviolet wavelength region. The photoconduction of these polymers was enhanced by the bridging groups attached to xylylpyrimidine; the enhancement is in the following order;
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