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Exciton-Exciton Interaction and Exciton Migration in Anthracene, Pyrene, and Perylene Crystals
Akinori InoueKeitaro YoshiharaSaburo Nagakura
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1972 Volume 45 Issue 7 Pages 1973-1976


The bimolecular annihilation of singlet excitons in pyrene, perylene, and anthracene crystals was studied by the aid of a nitrogen gas laser. The rate constant, γ, for bimolecular annihilation was estimated at 293°K to be 9×10−15 and 8×10−14 cm3 sec−1 for pyrene and perylene, respectively. The temperature dependence of γ was measured with the result that it increases with the increasing temperature for the pyrene and perylene crystals, while it is almost independent of temperature for anthracene between 77°K and 293°K. The difference in the temperature dependence of γ was attributed to the difference in the mechanism of the exciton migration of the crystals. The method developed by the present authors for studying the exciton migration based on the exciton bimolecular annihilation was compared with that obtained previously by the use of mixed crystals.

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