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The Diffusion of Gases at High Pressures. IV. The Diffusion of CTH3 in the CH4-CO2 System
Shinji Takahashi
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1972 Volume 45 Issue 7 Pages 2074-2078


The diffusion coefficients of radioactive methane (CTH3) in normal methane, in carbon dioxide, and in a mixture of normal methane with carbon dioxide (0.522 mol fraction of methane) were measured at the temperatures of 25, 50, and 75°C in the 15–250 atm pressure range. The measurements were made through a plug of porous bronze in the diffusion cell, using the radioactive tracer technique. The diffusion coefficient-density products, Dρ, for the CTH3–normal methane system and the CTH3- the binary mixture system increased slightly with an increase in the density in the lower-density region at 25 and 50°C, but they were nearly constant at 75°C. The Dρ for the CTH3–carbon dioxide system decreased with an increase in the density at each temperature. The Dρ-values at 1 atm, obtained by extrapolation, agreed fairly well with those reported in the literature. The density dependence of the Dρ values at high densities could not be predicted by Enskog-Thorne’s theory.

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