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Thermal Decomposition Reactions of Metal Oxalato Complexes in the Solid State. I. Thermographic Studies of Metal Oxalato Complexes
Kenzo Nagase
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1972 Volume 45 Issue 7 Pages 2166-2168


The thermal decomposition reactions of metal oxalato complexes in the solid state were studied by the TG and DSC methods. The results from TG indicated that the thermal stability of the anhydrous complex decreases approximately with the increase in the electron affinity of the central metal ion. From DSC, the complexes can be divided into two groups, giving endothermic and exothermic peaks on the decomposition of their anhydrous complexes respectively. The two enthalpy changes, ΔH, corresponding to the dehydration and to the decomposition of the anhydrous complexes, are also presented.

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