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An Additional Formation of CH280BrBr via a Kinetic-energy-independent Process in the Highly Moderated 80mBr-CH4 Systems
Kenshi NumakuraMasakatsu SaekiEnzo Tachikawa
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1973 Volume 46 Issue 1 Pages 1-4


The moderator effect of Kr on the reaction of (I.T.)-activated 80Br with CH4 has been examined, keeping the ratio of Br2/CH4 at 0.02 or 0.05. The yield of CH280BrBr shows a slight decrease at the beginning of moderation and then tends to increase with further moderation. These facts suggest an additional formation of CH2-80BrBr via a thermal ionic process in highly-moderated systems. When the concentration of Br2 is varied in the system containing 10 cmHg of CH4 and from 40 to 36 cmHg of Kr, the yield of CH280BrBr first increases and then decreases, showing a broad maximum. This dependence not only partly explains the inconsistence of the present results with those previously reported, but also suggests the competition of two types of reaction in its formation. One must be the reaction of a radioactive radical with Br2, leading to the formation of CH280BrBr:
The other type of reaction is a scavenging reaction of Br2 for the reacting 80Br atom.

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