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Effects of Pressure on the Chemical Properties of Solid Surfaces. VII. Surface Basicities of Some Compressed Carbonates and Related Compounds
Shoe BabaYoshisada Ogino
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1973 Volume 46 Issue 1 Pages 127-133


In order to investigate the effect of the compacting pressure on the surface basicities of solids, experiments were carried out by employing various carbonates, hydroxides, and oxides of alkali metals and alkaline earth metals as samples. That is, compacting pressures ranging from 0 to 15000 kg/cm2 were applied to these samples, and the changes in the surface basicities were observed using an indicator method. It was observed that the surface basicities of various solid vary on compression. Further, the respective basicity change in cadmium carbonate, calcite, and aragonite could be explained by the change in the surface area of each of these samples. On the other hand, the basicity changes of both strontium carbonate and barium carbonate could be explained thus only with difficulty. From the results of the X-ray-diffraction study and the electron-diffraction study, the changes in the crystal structures of these samples were suspected of causing the basicity changes due to compressions. According to the results of infrared spectroscopic studies, changes in the symmetry around carbonate ions in the sample crystals were considered to be the cause of the basicity changes in strontium cabonate and barium carbonate.

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