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The Crystal Structures of Methylene Dibromide and Methylene Diiodide
Takemi KawaguchiAkira WakabayashiMitsuhiro MatsumotoToru TakeuchiTokunosuke Watanabe
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1973 Volume 46 Issue 1 Pages 57-61


The crystal structures of methylene dibromide and methylene diiodide (Form II) have been determined by the X-ray diffraction method at about −90°C and about −20°C respectively. Both the crystals are isomorphous, with monoclinic space group C2h6C2/c. Unit cells containing eight molecules have these dimensions: a=12.239(12), b=4.459(15), c=15.212(16) Å, and β=113.54(7)° for methylene dibromide, and a=13.346(3), b=4.720(90), c=16.479(5) Å, and β=114.48(8)° for methylene diiodide. The orientations of the methylene groups have been obtained by lattice-energy calculations.

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