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Heat Capacity of Solid Phosphorus Pentachloride between 4 and 150 K. Nature of the Transition at 102 K.
Hideaki ChiharaMinoru NakamuraKazuyuki Masukane
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1973 Volume 46 Issue 1 Pages 97-100


Molar heat capacity of solid P2Cl10 was measured between 4 and 150 K with an adiabatic calorimeter, with particular attention to the phase transition at 102.0±0.2 K. The heat and entropy of the transition were 148±3 Jmol−1 and 1.67±0.03 JK−1mol−1. Shape and magnitude of the anomalous heat capacity depend on the method of preparation. Anomaly in the heat capacity begins at about 75 K, rises gradually to a maximum of 9.12±0.08 JK−1mol−1 at 102.0 K and tails off at about 110 K. The shape of the excess heat capacity curve can be explained satisfactorily by the librational soft-mode theory which assumes that PCl6 anions tend to change equilibrium orientation with temperature.

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