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Copper(II) Complexes with Some Aliphatic Diaminealcohols
Yasuo IshimuraYasuomi NonakaYuzo NishidaSigeo Kida
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1973 Volume 46 Issue 12 Pages 3728-3733


Copper(II) complexes were prepared with a series of tridentate ligands, NH2(CH2)mCHRNH(CH2)n OH (R=H or CH3; m=1 or 2; n=2 or 3). Compounds obtained can be classified into three groups: (1) CuLCl2, (2) CuL(ClO4) and (3) CuL2X2, (L and L′ represent the neutral and the anionic ligands, respectively, and X denotes Cl or ClO4). (1) and (3) were found to be mononuclear in which L functions as a bidentate ligand donating with the two nitrogen atoms. (2), except for the complex with L′=NH2(CH2)3NH(CH2)2O have the binuclear structure with alkoxo bridges. The absorption bands at about 350 nm are characteristic of the binuclear structure with alkoxo or hydroxo bridges.

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