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Derivatographic Studies on Transition Metal Complexes. XII. Thermal Olation of Hydroxoaquo Cobalt(III) and Chromium(III) Complexes Containing Amino Acids in Solid Phase
Ryokichi TsuchiyaAkira UeharaEishin Kyuno
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1973 Volume 46 Issue 12 Pages 3737-3744


The thermal olation of the following four types of complexes in a solid phase was investigated by means of derivatography: 1) cationic complexes, [Co(OH)(n3-o)(H2O)]X, 2) anionic complexes, M[Co(OH)(n-o3)-H2O)], 3) double complexes, [Co(OH)(n3-o)(H2O)][Co or Cr(OH)(n-o3)(H2O)] and 4) neutral complexes, [Co(OH)(n-o)2(H2O)], where n3-o, n-o3 and (n-o)2 denote gly-en (glycinate ion and ethylenediamine) or dtma (diethylenetriaminemonoacetate ion), the analogues of nta (nitrilotriacetate ion) and α-amino acid ions, respectively. The thermal data such as initiation temperature, enthalpy change and activation energy of the olation were estimated from the respective derivatograms. From the results the effect of various ligands or counter ions (outer-sphere ions) on the olation was discussed.

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