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Preparation and Reaction of Some Di-tert-butylnitroxidopalladium(II) Complexes, PdX(But2NO)L (L=PPh3, AsPh3, P(OPh)3; X=C1, Br, I)
Masaaki OkunakaGen-etsu MatsubayashiToshio Tanaka
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1975 Volume 48 Issue 6 Pages 1826-1829


PdX(But2NO)L (L=PPh3, AsPh3, P(OPh)3; X=Cl, Br, I) was isolated by the reactions of [PdCl(But2NO)]2 with L and by the halogen exchange reactions of the chloro complexes with LiBr·H2O or NaI. PMR and IR spectra revealed that PdX(But2NO)(PPh3) and PdX(But2NO)(AsPh3) exist as only one geometrical isomer with the halogen atom trans to the oxygen atom of the nitroxide ligand, while two isomers of PdX(But2NO)[P(OPh)3] coexist in solution. The reaction of PdX(But2NO) (PPh3) (X=Cl, I) with triphenylphosphine was found to give Pd(PPh3)4 together with Pd X2(PPh3)2 and Bu2NO·. A similar reaction proceeded between PdCl(But2NO)[P(OPh)3] and triphenylphosphite to yield Pd[P(OPh)3]3, while a not well-defined complex [PdCl(AsPh3)2]n was obtained in the reaction of PdCl(But2NO)(AsPh3) with triphenylarsine.

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