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Thermal Bleaching of the Colored Form in the Photochromism of 2-Hydroxy-2′,4,4′-trimethoxytriphenylmethanol in Acetonitrile
Sanyo HamaiHiroshi Kokubun
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1975 Volume 48 Issue 6 Pages 1848-1851


The photochromism of 2-hydroxy-2′,4,4′-trimethoxytriphenylmethanol (HTMM) in acetonitrile differs from that of other 2-hydroxytriphenylmethanol derivatives in some aspects. The colored form, 2′,4,4′-trimethoxy-o-fuchsone (TMF), of HTMM partly converts to 2-hydroxy-2′,4,4′-trimethoxytriphenylmethyl cation (Cat) at an early stage of the bleaching reaction. At a later stage a slow bleaching of TMF to HTMM becomes the main decay process. Bleaching of the produced Cat is so slow that Cat remains even after complete disappearance of TMF. The formation of Cat was concluded to be a reaction between adsorbed TMF and water on the cell surface. The rate determining step is not a diffusion process since the activation energy found is much larger than that of viscosity. Cat decays by the reaction with water, not with hydroxide ion.

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