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The Crystal and Molecular Structure of Naphthanthrone
Shoji FujisawaIsao OonishiJunji AokiSatoshi Iwashima
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1976 Volume 49 Issue 12 Pages 3454-3456


The crystals of naphthanthrone(C19H10O) are orthorhombic, with the P212121 space group and these lattice constants: a=17.345(17), b=3.973(13), c=17.392(14) Å, and Z=4. The structure was solved by the Patterson method and refined by a block-diagonal least-squares program to give an R-value of 0.085 on the basis of the 897 observed reflections collected by Weissenberg photographs. The molecule is planar within the limits of experimental error and has an approximate symmetry of mm. The molecules are stacked face-to-face by van der Waals forces along the b-axis. The interplanar spacing is 3.50 Å.

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