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Crystal Structures of Bis[N-(3-methoxysalicylidene)isopropylaminato]nickel(II) (Brown Room Temperature Phase) and -cobalt(II)
Tamaichi AshidaSuteo IwataTakashi YamaneMasao KakudoAkira TakeuchiShoichiro Yamada
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1976 Volume 49 Issue 12 Pages 3502-3508


The crystal structures of two Schiff base complexes, bis[N-(3-methoxysalicylidene)isopropylaminato]nickel (II) and -cobalt(II), have been determined. Ni complex: brown, room temperature phase, monoclinic, P21/c, a=21.089, b=7.254, c=14.386 Å, β=98.40°, Z=4, final R=0.076. Co complex: red, triclinic, P\bar1, a=22.699, b=7.395, c=14.099 Å, α=107.78, β=99.03, γ=93.75°, Z=4, final R=0.13. In both crystals the metal ions have distorted tetrahedral coordinations. The two crystals are roughly isostructural, although appreciable differences exist in both of the molecular and crystal structures. The Co complex gives a unique example of the methoxy group which sticks out nearly perpendicularly from the phenyl plane.

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