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Stereochemistry and Reactivity of Metal–Schiff-base Complexes. I. Preparation and Thermodynamic Stereoselectivity of Mixed Ligand Cobalt(III) Complexes Containing N,N′-Ethylenebis(salicylideneamine) Dianion (sal2en) or N,N′-Ethylenebis(7-methylsalicylideneamine) Dianion (7,7′-Me-sal2en) and L-Amino Acid Anion
Yuki FujiiTakashi IsagoMitsuo SanoNoriko YanagibashiShigeru HirasawaSozo Takahashi
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1976 Volume 49 Issue 12 Pages 3509-3517


Two series of new mixed ligand cobalt (III) complexes with the general formulas of [Co(sal2en)(L-aa)] and [Co(7,7′-Me-sal2en)(L-aa)] (where L-aa=anion of L-ala, L-val, L-leu, L-isoleu, L-met, L-thr, L-phe, L-tyr, or L-trp) have been prepared and characterized. All are labile for both isomerization and substitution reactions and each exists in an equilibrium mixture of ΛL- and ΔL-cis1(fac)-isomers (ΛL>ΔL)in methanol. The isomer’s ratios, ΛL/ΔL were estimated from their PMR spectra, and the following facts were found: The increasing order of the ratios is L-ala∼L-met∼L-leu<L-val<L-isoleu<L-thr<L-phe∼L-tyr<L-trp, and the ratios are larger in 7,7′-Me-sal2en-complexes than in sal2en-complexes for each amino acid.

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