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The Crystal and Molecular Structure of Dichloro [N, N-dimethyl-α-methyl-o-(butylphenylphosphino)benzylamine] palladium(II)
Akio TakenakaYoshio SasadaKeiji YamamotoJiro Tsuji
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1977 Volume 50 Issue 12 Pages 3177-3181


The crystal structure of dichloro[N, N-dimethyl-α-methyl-o-(butylphenylphosphino)benzylamine]palladium-(II) has been determined from MoKα diffraction data. The space group is P21 with Z=2, a=9.255(2), b=14.372 (3), c=8.584(1) Å, and β=105.99(1)°. The final R became 0.034 by least-squares refinement. The Pd atom has a square planar coordination of N, P, and two Cl atoms, which is considerably distorted by the intramolecular atomic repulsions. The Pd–N distance, 2.134(4) Å, which is longer than those found so far, is accompanied by a short distance 2.285(1) Å of trans Pd–Cl. A plot of Pd–Cl distance versus trans Pd–N distance in several Pd complexes, in which the nitrogen atom is not π-acceptor, shows a linear relationship with the correlation factor of −0.28(4).

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