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Syntheses and Properties of Some Trimethylantimony(V) Complexes of Dithiocarbonate Derivatives
Akira OuchiMamoru ShimoiFujio EbinaTakashi UehiroYukichi Yoshino
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1978 Volume 51 Issue 12 Pages 3511-3513


New stable trimethylantimony(V) complexes of some dithiocarbonate derivatives, (CH3)3SbL2, where HL=secondary amine-N-carbodithioic acid or O-alkyl dithiocarbonic acid, have been synthesized by the metathetical reaction between dibromotrimethylantimony(V) and the alkali salts of ligands. In these compounds, the antimony is kept quinquevalent. The 1H-NMR peak of the methyl protons of all of these compounds appears as a singlet even at −60 °C. Therefore, the most probable structure for these compounds is the trigonal bipyramidal one, where two unidentate dithiocarbonate derivative ligands bond to antimony from the apical directions.

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