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Reaction Process between Iron(II) Chloride and Oxygen
Yuzo SaekiRyoko MatsuzakiSeiki Fujiwara
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1978 Volume 51 Issue 12 Pages 3527-3529


The product formed by heating FeCl2 in an oxygen stream has been examined in detail. The reaction processes of gaseous FeCl3 and FeOCl, formed during the reaction between FeCl2 and oxygen, with oxygen were also examined. The reaction process between FeCl2 and oxygen can be represented as follows: FeCl2 reacts with oxygen above about 250 °C to form FeOCl and gaseous FeCl3, 2FeCl2(s)+1/2O2(g)→FeOCl(s)+1/2Fe2Cl6(g). Subsequently, the resulting FeOCl reacts with oxygen to form α-Fe2O3 and chlorine, 2FeOCl(s)+1/2O2(g)→Fe2O3(s)+Cl2(g). Above about 320 °C, the decomposition of the FeOCl to α-Fe2O3 and gaseous FeCl3, 3FeOCl(s)→Fe2O3(s)+1/2Fe2Cl6(g), also occurs. Above about 370 °C, the reaction between gaseous FeCl3 formed and oxygen to form η-Fe2O3 and chlorine, Fe2Cl6(g)+3/2O2(g)→Fe2O3(s)+3Cl2(g), occurs in addition to the above reactions.

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