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Light Scattering Study of Local Structures in Solutions. Mean Association Numbers and Concentration Fluctuations for Alcohol–Carbon Tetrachloride Systems
Tadashi KatoToru NakanishiTsunetake Fujiyama
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1980 Volume 53 Issue 8 Pages 2173-2180


Light scattering spectra were observed for carbon tetrachloride solutions of methanol, ethanol, and 1-propanol. The Rayleigh intensities were reduced to concentration fluctuations. The observed concentration dependence of the concentration fluctuation was analyzed by using two distinct models: an ideal associated complex (IAC) model and a polymer chain (PC) model. In the IAC model, a group of hydrogen-bonded alcohol molecules is treated as a complex whose size is independent of the association number, l. In the PC model, on the other hand, the group of hydrogen-bonded molecules is treated as a linear polymer whose length is proportional to l. It was shown that the PC model can explain both the concentration fluctuation and the heat of mixing data, while the IAC model cannot be applied to the present systems. The mean association number obtained by the IAC model was discussed on the basis of the relation between the concentration fluctuation and the spatial correlation of microscopic density.

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