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Studies on the Aqueous Solutions of Guanidinium Salts. XIII. NMR Study of the Interactions between Guanidinium Salt and Tetraalkylammonium Salts in Water
Koichiro MiyajimaHiromitsu YoshidaYoshihiro KurodaMasayuki Nakagaki
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1980 Volume 53 Issue 8 Pages 2212-2216


The quadrupole relaxation of 14N nucleus of guanidinium bromide has been measured in aqueous ternary solutions containing symmetrical tetraalkylammonium salts by the 1H NMR method. By means of Pople’s line shape analysis and the Debye-Einstein equation, it has been confirmed that no complex formation takes place in the aqueous ternary solution containing symmetrical tetraalkylammonium salts. The rotational correlation time of the guanidinium ion is linearly related to the absolute viscosity of the solutions containing the homologous series of alkylammonium salts. A similar relationship was obtained for the ternary solutions with sugars or polyethylene glycols. This suggests that the correlation time depends on the microviscosity around the guanidinium ion.

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