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The Reaction Process between α-Iron(III) Oxide and Sulfur Dioxide in the Presence of Carbon
Hiromitsu ArakiYoung Hong RyooMotonori EguchiRyoko MatsuzakiYuzo Saeki
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1980 Volume 53 Issue 8 Pages 2271-2274


The reaction products obtained by heating a mixture of α-Fe2O3 and carbon in a SO2 stream at various temperatures were examined. The possible reactions during the above process were also examined. The solid products obtained by heating a mixture of α-Fe2O3 and carbon in a SO2 stream were Fe3O4 at 500–700 °C, pyrrhotite and Fe3O4 at 750 °C , and pyrrhotite (Fe0.88S) alone at 800 °C. Sulfur was obtained outside the heating zone throughout the temperature range. The process of the formation of pyrrhotite by the reaction between α-Fe2O3 and SO2 in the presence of carbon can be represented as follows: The reaction between carbon and SO2 occurs even at 350 °C to form sulfur, and the reaction proceeds markedly above ca. 700 °C. Above ca. 500 °C, the reductions of α-Fe2O3 with carbon and sulfur occur to form Fe3O4. Above ca. 750 °C, pyrrhotite is formed by the reaction between Fe3O4 and sulfur. These results were supported by the thermodynamical consideration based on the chemical potential diagram for the Fe–S–C–O system.

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