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Preparation and Properties of Nitrosyl Complexes of Molybdenum
Takashi TatsumiKazuhiko SekizawaHiroo Tominaga
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1980 Volume 53 Issue 8 Pages 2297-2303


Reactions of some dpe(dpe=Ph2PCH2CH2PPh2) complexes of molybdenum with nitrosyl hexafluorophosphate (NOPF6) have been investigated. The reaction of MoH4(dpe)2 with NOPF6 in benzene-methanol affords two types of complexes, a protonated species, trans-[MoF(HNO)(dpe)2]PF6 (1a) and a non-protonated species, trans-MoF(NO)(dpe)2·1/2C6H6. From the nitroxyl complex 1a, a series of nitrosyl complexes has been obtained. Some nitrosyl complexes exhibit cis-trans isomerism. Reactions of the nitrosyl complexes with protonic acids afford the corresponding nitroxyl complexes or the anion substitution products. Cationic nitrosyl complexes are obtained by the reactions of Mo(CO)L(dpe)2 (L=N2 or C2H4) and Mo(C2H4)2(dpe)2 with NOPF6. Attempts were also made to prepare nitrosyl complexes of molybdenum by use of other nitrosylating agents.

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