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Mechanochemical Change in the Solid State of Hexobarbital
Akiko IkekawaSohachiro Hayakawa
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1983 Volume 56 Issue 12 Pages 3566-3570


The effect of ball-milling on X-ray diffraction diagrams, IR spectra, DTA and DSC thermograms of hexobarbital was investigated. It was found that the regularity at the crystal part changed upon ball-milling without any diluent. In addition to this change, an amorphous part increased upon ball-milling with microcrystal-line cellulose (MCC). The solubility in a KH2PO4–Na2HPO4 buffer solution (pH 6.0) also increased upon ball-milling with MCC, though the solubility did not change without MCC. The analysis of IR spectra indicated that hydrogen bonds were formed between the C=O group of hexobarbital and the OH group of MCC upon ball-milling. Both the increase in the amorphous part and solubilization of hexobarbital upon ball-milling were attributed to the stabilization of the amorphous state caused by the interaction with MCC.

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