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An X-Ray Diffraction Study on the Structures of Mono(glycinato)nickel(II) and Tris(glycinato)nickelate(II) Complexes in Aqueous Solution
Kazuhiko OzutsumiHitoshi Ohtaki
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1983 Volume 56 Issue 12 Pages 3635-3641


The structures of mono(glycinato)nickel(II) and tris(glycinato)nickelate(II) complexes in aqueous solution were determined by the X-ray diffraction method. From the analysis of the radial distribution curve of solution A, in which the hexaaqua- and mono(glycinato)nickel(II) ions coexisted (the mole ratio Cgly/CNi=0.792, where Ci denotes the total concentration of species i), we found that the mono(glycinato)nickel(II) complex combined with four water molecules at the distance of (2.08±0.01) Å, the bond being longer than the Ni–OH2 bond (2.04 Å) within the [Ni(OH2)6]2+ ion. The Ni–O and Ni–N bond lengths within the mono(glycinato)nickel(II) complex were essentially the same and (2.09±0.02) Å. Therefore, the mono(glycinato)nickel(II) ion has a practically regular octahedral structure. The nonbonding Ni···C distance was also determined to be (2.87±0.02) Å. The X-ray scattering data of solutions having the Cgly/CNi mole ratio of 3.24 (solution B) and 3.94 (solution C), in both of which almost all nickel(II) ions formed the [Ni(gly)3] complex, showed that the tris(glycinato)nickelate(II) complex had a slightly distorted octahedral structure with the Ni–O and Ni–N bond lengths of (2.03±?.01) Å and (2.14±?.01) Å, respectively. The nonbonding Ni···C(COO), Ni···C(CH2) and Ni···O(O=C) distances were (2.82±?.02) Å, (2.96±?.02) Å, and (4.07±?.03) Å, respectively.

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