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Electron Spin Resonance Study of X-Irradiated Single Crystals of Silver(I) Nitrate–Butanedinitrile(1/1)
Yukio KuritaHiroji Ohigashi
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1983 Volume 56 Issue 12 Pages 3722-3725


ESR spectra of single crystals of silver(I) nitrate–butanedinitrile(1/1) were measured at 77 K. Two paramagnetic centers, –CN···Ag2+···NC– and NO32−···Ag+, appeared simultaneously on X-irradiation at 77 K. The principal values of the g value (g) and the hyperfine coupling constants (A in the units of 10−1 cm−4) were g1=2.050, g2=2.053, and g3=2.302, A(Ag)1=21.8, A(Ag)2=22.0, A(Ag)3=34.9, A(N)1=15.3, A(N)2=15.9, and A(N)3=14.0 for the first center, and g⁄⁄=2.001, g=2.006, A(Ag)⁄⁄=20.3, A(Ag)=17.4, A(N)⁄⁄=59.4, and A(N)=32.8 for the second center. When the crystals X-irradiated at 77 K were exposed to visible light, the two centers disappeared simultaneously and the NO2 radicals increased. When the crystals X-irradiated at 77 K were warmed to room temperature, the first center changed to a new paramagnetic center, in which the unpaired electron coupled with a silver nucleus, two equivalent nitrogen nuclei, and a proton.

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