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X-Ray Diffraction Study on the Coordination Structure of Chlorocopper(II) Complexes in Highly Concentrated Methanolic CuCl2 Solution
Mitsuyoshi IchihashiHisanobu WakitaIsao Masuda
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1983 Volume 56 Issue 12 Pages 3761-3764


The structures of the solute complexes existing in methanolic CuCl2 solutions with concentrations of 1.055–3.250 mol dm−3 were investigated by X-ray diffraction analysis. The solute complexes which were predominantly present could be formulated as [CuCln(CH3OH)6–n] (n=1–3); they have an axially elongated octahedral structure including Cl at the equatorial site. The Cu-O bond distance was 2.230–2.238 Å. Methanol molecules were coordinated at the equatorial site with the Cu-O bond distance of 1.926–1.950 Å and at the axial site with that of 2.423–2.473 Å. When the initial concentration of CuCl2 was kept within the range examined here, almost all of the Cu2+ ions formed chloro complexes.

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