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The Circular Dichroism Spectra of cis-[Co(CN)2(CO3)2]3−, cis-[Co(NO2)2(CO3)2]3−, and Related Bis(dicarboxylato) Complexes
Shuhei FujinamiAkihide ShimodaToshihito FurukawaMuraji Shibata
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1984 Volume 57 Issue 6 Pages 1483-1486


Five kinds of cis-[Co(CN)2(OO2)]3− and cis-[Co(NO2)2OO)2]3− complexes (OO=CO32−, ox2−, mal2−) have been optically resolved. As to the dicarbonato complexes, one enantiomer has been obtained in a yield far exceeding 50% because of the rapid racemization. When the carbonato ligand is replaced with an oxalato or malonato ligand, the complex becomes inert for racemization and a new Cotton peak with an opposite sign appears at the lower frequency in the first-absorption-band region. The CD spectral change is different from the change observed in cis-[Co(a)2(OO)2] complexes (a=NH3, py, en/2), suggesting the intimate participation of the unidentate ligands in determining the signs of the Cotton peaks.

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