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Effects of Uniaxial Pressure and Shear on the Electrical Conductivity of Solid. II. Electrical Conductivity in Some Amorphous Coordination Polymers
Seiichi KandaKuwako OhkawaKenichi YamashitaNobuo OdaHideaki Chihara
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1985 Volume 58 Issue 6 Pages 1619-1625


Three amorphous coordination polymers, R2dtoaCu, where R=CH3, C6H5CH2, or cyclohexyl and dtoa=(N,N′-disubstituted dithiooxamidato), were prepared and the effect of uniaxial pressure on their electrical resistivities in the direction of the external pressure was measured. Application of the pressure up to 6×108 Pa caused an increase in the resistivity but, before reaching the equilibrium state, the resistivity exhibited a complicated time variation, which was not completely reversible upon pressure release as far as the measurement could trace. The results were explained on the basis of a model in which at least two competing processes occur. One of the processes is assumed to be reorientation of the two-dimensional network of molecules perpendicular to the applied pressure, which is a slow process and takes as long as hundreds of hours to reach the equilibrium. Activation energies of various processes were derived.

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