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Synthetic Inorganic Ion-exchange Materials. XXXX. Ion Exchange Properties of Tin(IV) Antimonate for Alkaline Earth and Transition Metal Ions and Its Application to Metal Separations
Mitsuo AbeNoboru Furuki
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1985 Volume 58 Issue 6 Pages 1812-1815


Ion-exchange selectivities of alkaline earth and transition metal ions on tin(IV) antimonate cation exchanger were investigated in nitric acid media. The selectivity sequences were found to be; Mg2+<Ca2+<Sr2+<Ba2+ for alkaline earth metal ions and Ni2+<Mn2+<Cd2+<Co2+<Cu2+<Zn2+ for transition metal ions. The separation factors for neighboring pairs on the exchanger gave larger values than those on the ion-exchange resin of a strong acid type. The effective separations of Mg2+–Ca2+, Sr2+–Ba2+, and Na+–Cs+, Sr2+ have been achieved with a small column (5cm×0.5 cm i.d.).

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