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Syntheses and Properties of Oxomolybdenum(VI), -(V), and -(IV) Complexes with Ferrocenecarbodithioate
Masami NakamotoKoji TanakaToshio Tanaka
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1985 Volume 58 Issue 6 Pages 1816-1820


A series of ferrocenecarbodithioato–oxomolybdenum(VI), -(V), and -(IV) complexes, MoVIO2(S2CC5H4FeIIC5H5)2 (1), MoV2O3(S2CC5H4FeIIC5H5)4 (2), and MoIVO(S2CC5H4FeIIC5H5)2 (3) have been prepared. Complex 2 under-goes a disproportionation reaction in solution and exists as an equilibrium mixture with 1 and 3. Cyclic voltammograms of 1 and 3 display two and three sets of quasi-reversible couples, respectively, arising from stepwise redox reactions of the molybdenum and iron sites. Electronic spectra revealed that the oxidized species [MoVIO2(S2CC5H4FeIIIC5H5)2]2+, [MoVO(S2CC5H4FeIIC5H5)2]+, and [MoVO(S2CC5H4FeIIIC5H5)2]3+ generated electrochemically are considerably stable owing to the electron-donating ability of the ferrocenecarbodithioate ligand.

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