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Pretreatments of Porous Silica for Improving the Activity of a Nickel-Loaded Catalyst
Masahiko AraiYutaka IkushimaYoshiyuki Nishiyama
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1986 Volume 59 Issue 2 Pages 347-350


Nickel catalysts supported on porous silicas treated with water, ethanol, and 1-butanol were found to be more active than that supported on untreated silica for ethane hydrogenolysis and furan hydrogenation. To elucidate the reason for the activation, some surface properties of the treated silicas were examined. The treatments decreased the surface area and increased the volume of the macropores, the surface density of hydroxyl groups, and the heat of immersion in water per unit surface area. The state of nickel on the support was examined by temperature programed desorption(TPD) of hydrogen, X-ray diffraction(XRD), and scanning electron microscopy/X-ray microanalysis. The dispersion measured by XRD was not appreciably altered by the treatments, but the TPD snowed more hydrogen desorbed above 150 °C from nickel on the treated supports. The activation of nickel by pretreatment of the support was ascribed to the increase of those nickel atoms which dispersed finely over the support by the increased number of surface hydroxyl groups. This was based on the number of hydroxyl groups per unit surface area. The nickel catalyst supported on the pretreated silicas showed greater thermal stability.

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