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Studies of Polystyrene-Based Ion-Exchange Fiber. IV. A Novel Fiber-Form Material for Adsorption and Immobilization of Biologically-Active Proteins
Toshio YoshiokaMasaharu Shimamura
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1986 Volume 59 Issue 2 Pages 399-403


A new polystyrene-based ion-exchange fiber (IONEX) has a large surface area per unit weight and has been studied for its ability to adsorb and immobilize biologically-active proteins. A strong cation IONEX was found to be able to effectively adsorb hemoglobin and albumin, invertase, and glucose isomerase were readily adsorbed to a strong anion IONEX. The adsorption of these proteins to IONEX was found to take place through an electrostatic force. The adsorption capacity for proteins became exceedingly large (ca. 300 mg g−1) with an increase in the water-holding capacity of the fiber. The activities of the invertase and glucose isomerase immobilized to the fiber exhibited 40–50 and 75–80%, respectively, of those of native enzymes. A continuous inversion of sucrose was also carried out using immobilized invertase. From these results, this fibrous ion exchanger with a high water-holding capacity is considered to be an excellent material for the adsorption and immobilization of proteins.

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