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Structure of Aquachloro(4-hydroxy-L-prolinato)copper(II)
Shiroo ItohYasuhiko YukawaYoshie InomataToshio Takeuchi
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1987 Volume 60 Issue 3 Pages 899-902


An X-ray diffraction study of the title complex has been carried out. The crystal is monoclinic, with the space group P21; Z=2, a=8.712(1), b=6.055(1), c=8.187(1) Å, β=109.83(1)°. Block-diagonal least-squares refinements have led to the final R value of 0.052. The structure consists of a one-dimensional polymer chain bridged by only one carboxylato group of a 4-hydroxy-L-prolinato ligand. The chains are parallel to the b axis; each is connected with the neighboring one by hydrogen bonds between water oxygen atoms and chlorine atoms. Thus a sheet forms parallel to the (0 0 1) plane. One carboxylato oxygen atom of the 4-hydroxy-L-prolinato ligand is coordinated to two copper atoms, and the other is coordinated to one of these two copper atoms. The copper atom is surrounded by three carboxylato oxygen atoms, one water oxygen atom, one nitrogen atom in a pyrrolidine ring, and one chlorine atom. Therefore the copper atom has distorted octahedral coordination.

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