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Evolutionary Relationship of Denitrifying Bacteria as Deduced from 5S rRNA Sequences
Shoichi OHKUBOHidekazu IWASAKIHiroshi HORISyozo OSAWA
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1986 Volume 100 Issue 5 Pages 1261-1267


The nucleotide sequences of 5S rRNA from seven denitrifying bacteria have been determined. Based on these sequences and those reported in the literature (in-cluding two denitrifiers), a phylogenic tree of 104 eubacterial 5S rRNA sequences has been constructed to establish the position of the denitrifying bacteria. These bacteria belong to either one of the three major subgroups of gram-negative bacteria. The grouping based on 5S rRNA sequences is almost compatible with the type of the nitrite reductases, with the one apparent exception of Paracoccus denitrificans ATCC 13543. Moreover, the separation time of most of the denitrifying bacteria from other non-denitrifying bacteria belonging to the same subgroup is recent. These results suggest that the denitrifying systems in these bacteria would have developed polyphyletically, and not so anciently, during eubacterial evolution.

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