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The Journal of Biochemistry
Vol. 120 (1996) No. 6 P 1074-1078


We described recently the molecular cloning of human UDP-galactose transporter 1 (bUGT1) [Miura, N. et al. (1996) J. Biochem. 120, 236-241]. Now we have characterized its isoform, hUGT2, that is most likely generated through the alternative splicing of a transcript derived from the UGT genomic gene, that also codes for hUGT1. Introduction of the open reading frame sequence of hUGT2 into a mouse cell line, Had-1, that lacks the UDP-galactose transporter, complemented the genetic defect of the mutant, as judged from the lectin-sensitivity spectra of the transformants and the nucleotide-sugar transporting activity of microsomal vesicles isolated from them. UGT-related genes were found through a BLAST search of dbEST based on their significant similarity with hUGT genes. We report here cDNA clones belonging to two subfamilies of the nucleotide-sugar transporter gene family. One is the human CMP-sialic acid transporter gene, and the other is a group of homologous genes with an undefined function that are distributed in man, mouse, and rat, and show significant similarity to the yeast UDP-N-acetylglucosamine transporter.

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