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Citrulline as a novel adjuvant candidate for vaccines
Kazuyoshi KAMINAKAJunichi MATSUDAChikateru NOZAKI
ジャーナル フリー

2019 年 40 巻 1 号 p. 1-7


For a long time, many types of vaccines have been useful for the prophylaxis of many infectious diseases. Thus far, many adjuvants that enhance the effects of vaccines have been explored. However, very few adjuvants are being used for humans worldwide. In this study, we investigated the adjuvant activity of various substances, and found citrulline to have high potential as an adjuvant. Citrulline is a type of amino acid present in the body of many organisms. A number of biological activities of citrulline have been reported; however, no adjuvant activity has been reported thus far. Aluminum salts, which are commonly used as adjuvants are not water soluble; therefore, some difficulties are encountered while using them as vaccine adjuvants. Citrulline is easy to use because of its water solubility. In this study, we showed for the first time the adjuvant activity of citrulline by using viral antigens and amyloid β peptide. Water-soluble citrulline, which is present in our body, is a potential adjuvant candidate.

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